Staines – Infamy II

Think Staines, and you’ll no doubt think Ali G, but now that could all change …

My current hometown has a rather strong relationship with that 90’s Sasha Baron-Cohen comedy character Ali G, so much so that urban myth quotes its as the reasoning behind the town’s rebirth as “Staines Upon Thames”.

However all that could change thanks to the latest ad campaign for – starring much-loved celebrity Phillip Schofield.

The ad, ‘Library’ – one of a series of tongue-in-cheek ads where viewers secretly follow Schofield as he goes about his daily life – features Phillip Schofield zip-wiring in at speed to open a library. Phillip cuts the ribbon and dashes off again, with the voiceover stating that whilst may not be as ‘quick as Phil’, you could sell your car within an hour of getting a quote.

However, the ‘Library’ is not all it seems. It is in fact Staines former Town Hall, a currently unused ex pub.
– The wonders of TV dressing !!

Staines Town Hall

Staines Town Hall

“Where’s he off to… ” closes the ad. Well, if he keeps running for another 60 seconds, he’ll go past my flat !!

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