Time Travels

This YouTube video has just been pointed out to me, which was taken of my home town, Trowbridge, in 1991.

In the days before smartphones when videoing everything was the norm, this I guess must have been someone mounting their VHS Camcorder to their dashboard while they took a drive round town.  It’s a fascinating watch where roads and surroundings have both changed and stayed the same ..  You find yourself looking at a certain point (such as County Way for those locals) which didn’t exist back in that day…   It’s a true blast from the past !

Additionally, here’s a video capturing the then hotly debated demolition of the town’s open air Swimming Pool, to be replaced by a brand new Tesco Superstore …   This video charts the demolition of the pool, and the dualling of the eastern part of County Way – the part between the Longfield Roundabout and County Way wasn’t built until a few years later…

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