Virgin on the Ridiculous – Part II

NOW, here comes the twist in the tail….

Coming back home from a trip to town and I realise something funny – the cable has gone! – It turns out that the flat block has various terms and conditions – so along comes the Property Maintenance guy, takes one look at the cable buried beneath the lawn, over the path and attached to the wall – decides he doesn’t approve and cuts and up-roots the cable taking with it my 7 day old Cable TV, Internet and Phone Line connection!

16th July : Back on the phone to Virgin to alert them to the problem, who state that they should have historic permission as another flat in the complex already has Virgin installed. There is some debate on whether cutting the cable was the right thing to do. I ask that Virgin give my property maintenance (pm) guy a call to discuss their differences.

The nice lady does that and phones me back, saying that clearly it isnt cut and dried and yes some further permission looks to be needed. She says that she will arrange a site visit by an area manager and the PM guy. This looks to be promising. She books a re-install date at the end of the following week just to be on the safe side, but assures me it shouldnt take that long.

20th July: Haven’t heard anything from Virgin, so ring for an update – only to be told that they’ve changed their mind and they feel they dont need the meetings anymore, they’ll go ahead with the install – I demonstrate that this perhaps isnt the best thing and may result in more cutting or un-rest. As the nice lady is due on Holiday she says she’ll hand it over to her Manager.
My Twitter Contact also appears to be on holiday so no response there either.

23rd July
: No update after the weekend, so another email poke to my twitter contact – again, more apologies back to say sorry .. and hopefully clarity by the end of the day…

26th July: It’s supposed to be re-install day tomorrow but haven’t heard anything about any visits, nor has the PM guy. PM guy is insistent that he doesn’t want the install to take place without some prior discussion.
AM : I receive an email back from my twitter contact saying she’s escalated to the ‘Operations Director and CEO Field Escalations” – am impressed – hopefully we should get somewhere now! – an answer is due back by the end of the day.

5PM I ring Virgin to ask for an update as its no point coming out to do the re-install, and was told “they have all the tools and permission they need” by the Indian Call Centre Guy, despite me assuring him this wasnt a standard installation.

27th July: I end up cancelling the visit which was due that morning, as there definitely hadn’t been any prior discussions, so the installation is pointless and wouldnt get us anywhere – I phone the Call Centre again to cancel, where the call centre guy says “when would you like the next appointment” to which I retort “I was hoping you could tell me that”

Once again call the construction department and find yet another nice lady who sympathises, but can find no record of an “Operations Director and CEO Field Escalations” being involved at all ! – she says she will see what she can do and will call me back at the end of the day ..

What’s annoying about this whole disaster is engagement – or the lack of it.  Virgin will not give you any personal telephone numbers or email addresses, so it’s virtually impossible to speak to the same person twice. There is no direct phone number through to a customer care department to deal with complaints – you have to make a complaint through the team you’re dealing with.

In my case the Installation team don’t seem to want to manage it – even if you ask to speak to a manager – because the person that they are depending on doesn’t work in their team they have no ‘control’ over him.

The Social Media Team looked to be promising to begin with, but other than issuing empathy they have’nt been able to leverage anything out of the situation, and I fear they have now got fed up of my pleading for some sort of assistance that they have now given up replying via twitter/email

All that I need is for someone within the company to acknowledge that there is a problem here that needs help from various departments within their organisation and MANAGE that through to resolution.

28th July : No update from previous day – Tweet sent – with reply that my contact would reply asap.

30th July : No update. Another Tweet Sent.

2nd August : No update received pro actively from VM. Another email sent asking for an update.

4th August : Light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that Virgin actually are now meeting the Property Maintenance Rep and hopefully an amicable decision will be made as to the re-installation of the cable , the meeting is supposed to happen on Monday !

6th August : Great News, the meeting actually happened – and everyone is now happy – at last, the end result I really needed, but which seemed so hard to organise. Fingers crossed, they will be sending a team out tomorrow to carry out the re-installation to everyone’s standards.


At last, we’ve go there, we appear to have got to a point where the installation has been completed, everything works, and I’m now happy (well ish!)

It’s just a shame that it’s been one hell of a big struggle, a struggle that I shouldn’t have had to drive. I’ve been really disappointed that no ownership appears to be fostered by any department within Virgin.   Everything would work wonderfully I expect if the issue was dealt with by one person on a single contact event – text book shall we say – but as soon as the issue encompasses more than one area, there is no single ownership, and you’re left to a big black hole mercy.

Some form of “back to the floor” exercise really needs to be carried out by Virgin Media Management !