The Lost Village of Imber

Located on Salisbury Plain, not too far from where I grew up in Trowbridge, is a village called Imber.

There is something unique about this village though, The village was abandoned nearly 70 years ago when the residents were forced to leave their homes in 1943 to allow the Army and American troops carry out urban training in readiness for World War 2 invasions.


The Ministry of Defence took over the area to use it for military exercises and today most of the village remains in use as a training ground. Photographer David White spoke to Rex Sawyer, author of Little Imber on Down, about the history of the village and the recent completion of a five-year restoration project on the Church of St Giles which stands apart from the military area.

The BBC Website has an amazing Audio Slideshow which combines some striking photos and audio.

I’d certainly recommend a viewing of the slideshow