A Blast From The Past

You know some things can come back to haunt you …   and Music is especially good at doing that.

When I was a teenager and computers were new and that sort of thing, my parents bought me an Atari 800XL one Christmas. It’s a laugh to think now that the whole memory of that computer was smaller than many pictures we upload to the internet in these modern times.

In the days before hard drives and CD-ROMs, Programs were loaded onto computers by the means of casette tape – just like the old cassettes we used to tape the Top 40 onto ! – The Atari was novel in comparison to many other home computers of it’s time, where it had a dual track system where it would read the computer code from one track of the tape, and play music or a soundtrack from the other.

So, finding this on YouTube has suddenly taken me back to the mid 80’s, sat in the front room, the Atari plugged into the main family TV.

I suddenly feel so old!


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