Victoria wouldn’t be amused

Victoria most certainly wouldn’t be amused. Today, most of the Victoria Line of the London Underground has been shut – due to flooding.victoria-cement

What the bosses weren’t too keen on actually telling the public was that the flooding wasn’t your normal every-day rain water from London’s soaked streets, but quick-setting concrete from building works they are currently carrying out. OOOOPS !!

As The Guardian reports :

A new category of problem caused tube services to be disrupted in central London on Thursday: quick-drying concrete over the controls.
Most of the Victoria line was closed from around 1.40pm after private contractors working on the £700m rebuilding of Victoria Station for London Underground managed to pour large quantities of water and cement into a signal control room.
The damaged equipment meant there were no working signals on the southern section of the line, and services were suspended between Brixton and Warren Street stations.
According to the unidentified person who sent photos to, several rows of relay equipment were submerged in concrete.

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