Me Getting Bigger, Or Chocolate Getting Smaller…

At the moment we’re probably all consuming a lot more chocolate than we did just a few month ago, but there’s no denying it, the nation loves chocolate – especially during lockdown!

As today (7th July 2020) is World Chocolate Day, you’ve got the perfect excuse to tuck into your favourites!

Over the years some of our favourite chocolate bars have changed in size, so here we take a look at 10 chocolate favourites which have changed their sizes over the years, from the infamous Toblerone to the age-old discussion about the size of the Creme Egg.

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Double Decker chocolate bar© PA 

1. Double Decker

In the 70s they weighed just 42g, so their current weight of 55g is a surprising increase, however they were also larger in the 90s and 2000s, weighing 60g. Twix chocolate bar© iStock

2. Twix

The Twix – a two fingered caramel and biscuit delight has steadily been reduced in size from 60g in the 80s, to 58g in the 2000s, to just 50g now!

KitKat© iStock

3. KitKat

KitKats have had a number of different sizes, after (again) having its largest size in the 2000s, it has settled back to 45g – the size it was in the 90s.

Creme Egg© iStock

4. Creme Egg

Despite many speculating that the Creme Egg is much smaller these days, it is actually only 1g lighter than what it was in the 70s. However, the multipacks went from a six-pack to a five-pack so the price per egg has increased.

Lion© iStock

5. Lion

Lion chocolate bars are slightly larger than they were back in the 80s and 90s, at 50g (compared to 49g). However, once again it’s the 2000s that saw the largest Lions, which weighed 55g.

Wagon Wheel© iStock

6. Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel chocolate delights have also changed size, between 2006 and 2015 it reduced in weight from 41g to 36g.

Dairy Milk© iStock

7. Dairy Milk

One of Cadbury’s most iconic chocolate bars is the Dairy Milk, which famously contains one and a half cups of milk. When it changed from a square corner to a rounded corner it shaved 4g off its weight.

Yorkie© iStock

8. Yorkie

Yorkies were at their largest in the 2000s at 70g, but now it has shrunk to its smallest size, at just 46g.

Mars© iStock

9. Mars

The Mars bar has gone through four different sizes in the last four decades. It was in the 90s when it was at its biggest (65g), but now it is a similar size to what it was in the 80s at just 51g.

Toblerone© iStock

10. Toblerone

A few years ago, Toblerone shocked fans with the news that the nutty favourite would be reduced in both size and weight.
The number of triangular pieces was reduced in the 400g and 170g bars, reducing the weights to 360g and 150g respectively.

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