Go on , My Son !!

My fellow Staines resident, Jerry, has had quite a day !

Today Storm Eunice hit, which was heralded to be as bad a storm as those in 1987. Fortunately from a personal view my day was unaffected by Mother Nature. However most of public transport shut down, shops shut, so it was a day of the internet or watching telly.

Jerry runs the Big Jet TV channel on You Tube. Well, today, the channel hit it’s peak His lively commentary plus the footage as planes approach, sometimes having to abort, has been attracting more than 200,000 live viewers at times.

Everyone’s been getting in on the act, with Celebrities such as Greg James from Radio 1, Richard Osman and Dan Walker from BBC Breakfast all tweeting about his coverage. Even companies such as McVities and RyanAir have joined in.

I’m just thankful I wasn’t on any of those planes – chucking my guts up with the in-flight meal !!

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