Diana : 20 Years On

I suppose I really couldn’t let the day pass without posting something.

For most people my age this is going to be the first such occasion of “where were you” – been just too young for say John Lennon or Elvis.

For me, It was a bizarrely infrequent reckless moment, where i’d been on a night out (which was a Saturday), and was due to work the Sunday in my job then at Asda.

Getting in at 2am, It had been established at that point that the accident had happened, but no deaths, so it was just the continuation when waking up at 8 the following morning, that the whole story had developed.

Carrying out a management role on that day, it was a bit of the unknown – should we turn the store music off, how would we know what to do, how would news get to us(this was still before emails etc!).

Here’s how radio reacted :

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