Blackbirds are too noisy !!

In the back garden at my Mum’s is a blackbird’s nest.

It is also a frequent attraction to the local cats of the neighbourhood.

This results in this happening …
…. and the volume hasn’t been tampered with, it is that loud !!

This recently happened at 4am.

Young blackbirds, please grow up and leave the nest soon !!!

Lorry Driver Skyped on M25

I’ve seen this happen a few times now especially at this junction – which is my nearest – and consists of four lanes merging together. Many a time I’ve seen lorries behaving errantly, only to see in the cab that the driver has a laptop perched on the dash.

I just hope they catch more !


Lorry driver on Skype

A lorry driver used Skype while driving on the M25, police said.

Another driver reported seeing the man apparently watching television at junction 12 on late on Tuesday.

The HGV, which had French plates, was stopped at junction 14, the junction with Heathrow Airport, where officers learned the driver had used the internet phone service.

The 35-year-old man was fined £500 and is due to be reported for driving without due care and attention.

Surrey roads policing officer PC Dan Pascoe, who stopped the driver, said: “We have no power to seize the vehicle and the roadside deposit negated the need to arrest the driver.

“Once he had paid the fine he was allowed on his way.

“He was also reported for summons to appear in court at a later date and if he does not appear then he will not get his deposit back.”


from BBC News

A Partly Polictical Broadcast ….

I’m not going to start blogging about my political views or say who is right or wrong, blah blah blah, but what is it about this party that attracts these people, wishing to enter such a high level public job that makes them have a nasty habit of putting ones foot in ones mouth ….

Ukip in new racism row after Lenny Henry insult

In one statement, a candidate standing in next month’s local council elections suggested on Twitter that the comedian, Lenny Henry should leave Britain to live in a “black country”.

It’s funny .. I could have sworn he was born and grew up in Dudley ?!

Ice Cream For Breakfast

ice-creamI need to rant.

I know I am not a parent and have no experience of looking after children, but this woman has just made me think what is wrong with today’s society.

Clearly we live in a world where we are all free to follow what path we want, and exercise what style of parenting, guidance, mentoring – or whatever you want to call it – to the best of our own personal ability, but this just sounds a bit wrong to me …..
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